Rent of aid equipment


If you have a temporary need for a wheelchair or walker you have the opportunity to rent it on a short-term basis. You are always welcome to contact us on (+45) 70 40 40 24 for support.


3 days -  250 dkk

1 week - 400 dkk

Thereafter 75 dkk per week.



3 days -  250 dkk

1 week - 300 dkk

Thereafter 50 dkk per week.


Terms & conditions

At pick-up, we need your full name, address, phone number (and potentially hotel name).

The product is cleaned when you receive it, and it should be returned cleaned. 


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Adresse: Knud Den Stores Vej 49A, kl. 4000 Roskilde
Telefon:+45 70 40 40 24 E-mail: Jeppe Vestergaard Helle Munk