Rent of aid equipment

If you have a temporary need for a specific aid product, you have the opportunity to rent it on a short-term basis. The price depends on the rent period and is stipulated in the table below.

By clicking on the product name, you will be taken directly to the product page in our webshop, where pictures and specifications for the product is available. Please note that those pages is only available in Danish. You are always welcome to contact us on (+45) 70 40 40 24 for support.

Product           Deposit          Start-up fee          Rent per day (1-6 days)         Rent per week         Rent per day after 1 week
Wheelchair   500 DKK  75 DKK  150 DKK  800 DKK  115 DKK
Rollator 200 DKK 75 DKK  75 DKK  450 DKK  65 DKK 
Elbow crutches 100 DKK 50 DKK  50 DKK  250 DKK  35 DKK 
Bathing chair 100 DKK 50 DKK  50 DKK  250 DKK  35 DKK 


How is the rent calculated?
We have attempted to make a simple and transparent price structure. Here is two examples that can help you understand how to read the table:

Example 1: Rent of a pair of elbow crutches for 8 days
There is a start-up fee of 50 DKK. Thereafter comes 250 DKK (for 1 weeks rent) plus 35 DKK for 1 days rent (beyond the first week). Thereby, the total price is 50 + 250 + 35 = 335 kr.

Example 2: rent of a wheelchair for 3 days
There is a start-up fee of 75 DKK. Thereafter comes 150 DKK per day, so the total is 75 + (3x150) = 525 DKK.

Terms & conditions
The following conditions apply for all rent of aid equipment:

  • - At pick-up, we need your full name, address, phone number (and potentially hotel name)

  • - The deposit must be paid at pick-up

  • - The product is cleaned when you receive it, and it should be returned cleaned. If you are not able to return it in cleaned condition (if you are on vacation or similar), please inform us when picking up the product.

  • - If you know in advance that you need a specific product, please contact us so we can register the booking

  • - When delivering the product back, the deposit is deducted from the total sum charged